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[Stark Industries, Even Later Friday Night]

Once Sam was pretty sure he'd lost the crazy old guy, he paused to check his breath and realized he should probably go back and make sure his boss wasn't, you know, dead. Which led him back to Stark Industries at a dead run.

Tyler seemed amused as he watched Sam enter. "Here to see the amazing robot-man?"

"Amazing--who are you?" Sam demanded. "Where's Mr. Stark? Is he okay? Did crazy dude come back?"

"He's a friend," Jack said, with a glare at Tyler daring him to say anything different. "I'm Tyler, I teach at the school. I'm going to take a wild guess you're Sam."

"And we got Tony's heart started again," Tyler piped up. "He's fine, just in some crazy costume. He's down in the lab."

"Yeah, I'm Sa--HIS HEART STOPPED?" Sam was freaking out. He was good at that. "Why does he have his super tin suit thing on if his HEART STOPPED?"

"He wanted to save you," Jack said, as if it should be obvious. "Looks like you may not need it."

Trying to calm the kid, Tyler added, "We got the battery thing back into the hole in his chest."

Of course, that meant the reason for saving would be busting through the wall now. A much larger and more bulky suit than what Tony had on, but of a similar design. "Come here, you little rat!"


Sam didn't come there. Sam pretty much freaked out and started looking for an escape route, because WHY WERE GIANT STEEL THINGS ALWAYS TRYING TO KILL HIM?

The part of his mind that wasn't preoccupied with chanting 'oh shit' over and over suggested that what Sam needed right now was his car.

The Tylers decided to follow the kid's lead. They liked getting hit by people, not huge metal things.

"Back here," they barked as one, diving behind a large and convenient chest. And there they would stay until the big robots were gone, thanks.

Sam scrambled behind a chair, ducked down, and pulled out his cell phone. He knew there was some way to make this thing work, how was he supposed to--HA!

"Hey, uh, Bee...?"

Taking a few steps into the room, Obadiah looked around for the kid first of all. He could deal with the other two in a moment.

"You can't hide from me," He said,point his arm with what looked like a machine gun attached to it at him.

Before being slammed into the floor from a red and gold blur that came crashing through the ceiling.

"You really shouldn't have done that," Tony quipped like a proper super hero.

"Sam? There is a lot of ambient noise on your end of the connection," he noted. "Is everything all right?"

"Bee? There's um, a giant metal thing trying to kill me and my boss is in some kind of supersuit fighting it and oh my god oh my god oh my god."

Before Sam even began repeating himself, Bumblebee was heading for the door in great, loping strides. "Sam, are you at Stark Industries?" He was proud of himself for not sounding too panicky - Sam was doing well enough at that on his own, at any rate.

And there was that blur of red and gold again, hitting the ceiling and falling down on the floor near Sam. "Okay, ow."

It was Tony's voice, just filtered and slightly more robotic.

He climbed quickly to his feet and fired a small missile down into the hole.

Really, Obadiah should know by now those tiny missiles Tony had always been so fond of had a little more punch to them than expected.

The explosion was followed by a scream of rage and a large metal hand coming up to yank Tony down my his head.

"Y-yeah um please help please oh my god," Sam requested as he attempted to scramble away from the crazy robot guy fight.

"I'm on my way," he assured Sam, transforming in mid-stride and immediately speeding off towards town and Mr. Stark's shop with a rumble of his engine and a crackle of sprayed gravel from beneath his tires. "I'll be there soon."

Sir, The Mark III was not designed to run on the original reactor, Jarvis chimed into the suit.

"Yeah, I'm aware of that, Jarvis," Tony gritted, digging his gauntlets into the gun on Obidiah's arm before the mechanical whirring of the repulors charging signaled him blasting it off. "How much time do I have?"

At the rate you're using power, seven minutes.

Well, crap.

"You can't beat me, Tony," Obadiah said, using the undamaged hand to hit him into the floor. "I'll always win."

"Jarvis, redirect power to the chest," Tony gritted out, head rattling in the helmet. "And fire."

The blast from Tony's chest sent Obadiah flying backwards.

Five minutes now.

"You're not helping!"

Getting back to his feet, after a moment of scrambling due to the sheer mass of the suit, Obadiah started over toward him. This suit had been built to withstand the damage.

"Is that the best you've got?"

The miniCamaro had sped through the streets in the shortest path possible to reach Stark Industries, Sam's safety foremost on his mind through hairpin turns and narrow lanes. He was able to easily spot the giant hole in the wall of the building as he neared it, and then the shapes of large and presumably metal things within.

Bumblebee didn't stop to transform, feet taking over for wheels as he launched himself from street to shopfront and tumbled into a crouch. As he raised one arm, the hand folded inwards and the forearm outwards to form a plasma gun already humming and glowing in readiness. He pointed it in the direction of the two currently engaged in a disagreement and asked calmly, "Where is Sam?"

Sam looked down through the giant hole in the ceiling and called down, "I'm up here! Shoot the silver one!"

He was helping!

Turning to face him, Obadiah sneered inside the suit. "Another one of your toy's, Tony?"

He raised his undamaged arm to fire at the thing.

Jumping at Obadiah now that his attention was elsewhere, Tony grabbed onto his back, reaching into the unprotected area around the neck of the suit and yanking out wires.

"Hey, what do these do," He asked.

Four minutes, sir.

Bumblebee darted to one side as he was shot at, letting off a plasma blast at the large silver mech in return. "No toy of anyone's, but that doesn't mean we can't play!" Bumblebee called at the hulking thing.

Power cut to the sight on the suit, Obadiah, reached back blindly to grab Tony and toss him in the general direction of whatever the hell was firing at him.

A good chunk of the suit got destroyed by the blast and he wasn't too keen to have that hit him again.

Slamming into Bumblebee hadn't quite been what Tony had been going for there. Not to mention the sheer 'ow' factor there.

Three min-- "Yes, I am aware, Jarvis!"

Bumblebee yelped as he fell heavily under the weight and momentum of the other mech, armor scraping across the floor as they slid a good ten feet. He pushed it off of him as gently as he could, having heard Tony's voice from it and making the connection from Sam's frantic call.

Rolling to his feet, his gun pulled back into his arm and he ran at the silver one with intent to tackle it down.

Not being able to see Bumblebee, Obadiah went down hard. It took a moment to get the faceplate lifted so he could see what was happening out outside the suit, but he managed to go for a blind slamming down with both hands.


Tugging on the helm, Tony pushed the release on the side, pulling it off his head quickly. "I know!"

Tossing it to the side, Tony rolled to try and get a good shot at Obie. Easier said than done.

Bumblebee's optics flickered briefly as he was suddenly crushed against the metal suit-mech's chest, his door-wings flattened painfully and his armor denting before he could try to pull himself free enough to send a punch at the thing's head.

Which would be Obadiah's barely protected head as well. Rolling them to prevent any more near decapitations, Obadiah went to hit the yellow thing again.

Destroy whatever little toy Tony made now and finish this.

He easily dodged a badly aimed punch at his face, but the next landed hard just above his own chestplate and another slammed into his shoulder. A staticky hiss escaped his vocalizer as he jabbed hard at the glowing light in the middle of the other mech, distasteful as that felt to do.

Tony tugged at the chest piece on his own armor, trying to peel it off himself one handed as he charged the repulsor to fire at Obie's back. "Pull the reactor out!"

He... was gonna need it after this last blast.

At the call, Bumblebee nodded very briefly at Tony before turning his attention back to his opponent. He ducked under punches at his upper body and attempts to grind his head into the floor with varying results, now trying to dig his fingers in around the glow and pull it out entirely. It hurt, yes, but he could endure this to make sure Sam and Tony would be safe.

His spark ached in sympathy even as he resolutely tugged at the glowing cylinder, though he didn't know if the other even felt this as he would have. He dug in harder and pulled before the mech could stop him, feeling wiring snap and metal bend as he slowly dragged it from the suit -- and then was trapped beneath its bulk as it collapsed, power source gone.

With Obie powerless, Tony's knees hit the floor. "Try not to damage it," he said faintly. "I think I might need that."

A beat. "Nowish."

Bumblebee shifted underneath the heavy mech, after a moment managing to push it off of him with the power source clutched protectively to his chest. He chirped as he stood and half-jogged to Tony, facemask still in place as he knelt down. "No- --at?" He asked, words half-lost in static as he held the reactor out, looking between it and Tony almost reverently.

"Hi." Tony blinked and renewed his efforts to get the damn chest plate off. After the first few mishaps, he had hoped the small adjustments made this easier. There was a pop as the rest of the suit depressurized and it fell forward with a clank.

"Thank you," He said, reaching out for it and giving Bumblebee an odd sort of look of surprised thanks.

He shook his head slightly as Tony took it back and scooted away to give him room. "N- prob--m," he said, antennae laying back in frustration. His mask clicked and slid back into his helm once more, optics bright and concerned.

"Is everybody okay down there?" Sam called through the hole in the floor. "Bee?"

Tony just nodded slowly and reached for his chest and the very faintly glowing ark reactor there, twisting it slightly to pull out. It was never a pleasant feeling.

"Fine," He said, voice high and strained. "Everyone else?"

Bumblebee glanced up at Sam's voice. "We are the champions, my friends..."

His gaze was pulled back to watching Tony though, morbidly and intensely fascinated by the procedure.

"Okay, well, uh, hang on," Sam said. "I'll be right dow--"

That was when a chunk of ceiling decided it had had enough of this structural destruction nonsense and detached itself, hitting Sam's hand where it grasped at the edge of the hole on the way down.

Sam, despite what anyone else might tell you, did not scream like a girl.

Pulling the cables free from his chest, Tony looked up at the noise. He'd deal with it when he wasn't going to die. "Check. On. Him," He ground out, dropping the old reactor and scrambling with the new one to attach it to the socket inside his chest.

Bumblebee was already on his way, loping towards the stairs and up to the next floor, Sam's scream ringing in his audio receptors.

"I'm okay, I'm okay!" Sam was already insisting. "It's just my hand, it's kind of....oh man."

His hand was not okay. His hand was kind of...busted. Maybe if he didn't look at it he wouldn't pass out. Yeah. That was the ticket.

Weird, weird, weird--

There was a click as the plug fit into the socket and Tony finally relaxed. "Everything alright?"

Bumblebee made a small, mournful noise as he looked at Sam's hand; he wasn't Ratchet, but even he could see this wasn't a minor wound for a human. "Another one bites the dust--"

"Yeah!" Sam insisted. "Yeah, everything's--" he glanced at his hand. It wasn't supposed to look like that. He was pretty sure. He kind of whimpered. "Okay, my hand is. Uh. Are you okay?"

"Clinic," Tony said, like there was just no way to argue with that assertion. Just give him a moment and he'd stand up.

"We're okay," one Tyler said, and it didn't really matter which one at that second, as they emerged from behind the furniture. They were both equally freaked and were just going to take a second to stand there and look dumbfounded. "In one piece and everything."

Jack tilted his chin at Tony. "Clinic for you and Sam both."

[OOC: Follows this. Preplayed with not_ironmaiden, carsexual and tyler_back, OOC very welcome!]
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